Monday, 31 January 2011

A stonking fish pie

While compiling the shopping list for our weekly shop on Friday, I found myself craving a fish pie, so we decided to do that for Saturday night.  At the Tesco wet fish counter we discovered they did a pre-mix for fish pie, consisting of smoked haddock, salmon and Vietnamese river cobbler.  (I knew nothing about VRC and googling has made me doubt the wisdom of eating it, but so far I've not seen anything verifiable, so will have to continue looking.)  We bought some frozen prawns as well, which turn out to be from Indonesia, and I'm a bit dubious about that, too!

Anyhow, Jenny made this really wonderful fish stew from it.  Was going to be a pie, but turned into a stew.  She poached the fish lightly, made a thin-ish creamy white sauce with white wine and fresh parsley, then topped it off with par-boiled, cubed potato and sweet potato and gave it 20 minutes in the oven.   Extremely yummy, and generous enough for my lunch today.

I do like food!

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