Sunday, 2 January 2011

The state of our Spanish apartment

Since the place is very nearly ready to let out to holidaymakers, I thought I'd post a little information about it.  I don't expect this to generate any business, since I took a look at my sitemeter stats the other day, and most visitors seem to be bots, not real people at all!

This first picture is the kitchen.  It's what an estate agent would call 'compact', but in fact is perfectly useable.  A bit crowded if two of you want to cook, but fine for one and with all the stuff you'd be likely to need - brand new oven, hob, fridge and microwave, rather older dishwasher and washer-drier.

Next up is the living room, viewed from the dining area.  This was taken at night, as you can see from the dark bits visible between the curtains.  I don't think Jenny and I would have chosen curtains like that, or white settees, but that's what we inherited, and it's all in reasonable condition, so it would be pointless to replace any of it.

Finally, you get the view from the living room into the dining area.  Like the kitchen shot, this one was taken during the day.  The floors all through are polished grey marble, though in the bedrooms, which, for some reason I didn't photograph, these are covered with beige carpets.  We might take the carpets out some time, as the cleaners don't seem to operate vacuum cleaners!  We'll just need to be sure there really are marble tiles underneath first!  The marble floors are wonderfully cool when it's really hot outside.

The apartment is a 10 minute walk from the beach and from the nearest café, a supermarket and a bank.  Going the other way, it's a 10 minute walk from a strip which includes numerous restaurants and a couple of 24 hour mini-markets.

Further on in the same direction is another shopping centre with supermarkets, banks, hardware and knick-knack shops.

As we make it more our own, so we like the place better and better.  You can rent it via Craig Lea Managerment Services.  Leastways, I think thats' our apartment!

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