Thursday, 27 January 2011

Grasshopper warbler meadow

This is the beginnings of a meadow designed to encourage grasshopper warblers at Fowlmere.  We spent the day clearing and burning hawthorn scrub, which is not that much fun as the spines are ferocious.  Not only do they penetrate your clothes and flesh, but they are just like giant velcro in the way they intermesh with each other and anything else they can find.

Apparently grasshopper warblers like tussocks of grass, and many of the lumps and bumps here should suit them, I gather.  Quite a few of these bumps are antheaps, which Doug the warden seemed to think was a good thing, though I never got to the bottom of why.

Anyhow, we finished a bit after three and I went home, intending to collapse into a deep, hot bath.

Before I got home, however, I'd remembered that Jenny is giving a talk at Royal Holloway College in London, so would not get home much before ten.  I'd promised I'd cook something of which I would have my share at the usual time, and the other half would survive reheating when she got home.  So I stopped off at Tesco and bought some lamb shoulder fillet, plain yoghurt  and an aubergine, thinking I could do a Madhur Jaffrey Indian dish.

The post-shopping bath was deep, hot and delicious, and yes, I did fall asleep.  I still ache quite a lot, mind.

Sadly, I decided to cook a korma, which really required cream rather than yoghurt.  I thought it would be fine, and indeed, it did taste good, but actually, the yoghurt curdled and it did look like a pile of sick.  The aubergine I fried with turmeric, cayenne and black pepper and that was fine.

Anyhow, Jenny is due at the station in 10 mins, so I'll go and collect her.

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