Monday, 6 December 2010

How to tear clingfilm (plastic wrap)

Doesn't it drive you nuts the way, when you try to tear a piece of clingfilm (aka plastic wrap) off the roll, it simply won't come off in a nice, rectangular piece?  It always tears off in a horrible, irregular mess and worse, leaves the free end of what's still on the roll invisibly welded in place, making it impossible to find the end next time.  Well here's something I worked out.

Pull out as much film as you need and lay it and the roll flat on the worktop.  Take a sharp, kitchen knife - I like to use one with a blade about 20cm (8 inches) long as it has the necessary weight, but this works with a smaller knife.

Without pressing down at all on the knife, run the sharp edge across the clingfilm where you want it to tear.  Do not press down!  You don't want to score your worktop, do you?  You just need to score the clingfilm, and that takes almost nothing. I hold the knife so it points down towards worktop at an angle of about 15° or 20° but I don't think that's critical.

OK, if you insist on using a knife with a 10cm (4 inch) blade, you're going to have to press down just the teensiest bit, otherwise it's not going to score the film, but go easy or you'll score your worktop as well, and that's not a good thing to do.

Pick up the roll with one hand and the end of the film with the other and, starting at one end of the score, pull apart.  It should tear neatly where you scored it with the knife, and the free end is loose enough to be easy to find next time.


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