Friday, 31 December 2010

Christmas in Spain

If you are lucky enough to have an apartment on the Costa del Sol, you'd be mad not to get out there when you can, so we had Christmas out there, and very nice it was, too!  Not exactly hot, at a modest 17°C, but miles better than the sub-zero temperatures our friends have been enjoying back in old Blighty!

So on Christmas Day Jenny and I went for a short walk, ending up down on the beach, where I took this photograph.  Although chilly, it was very pleasant, with flat-calm sea and a bit of light breaking through the cloud.  We didn't spend long down there before returning to the flat to start cooking Christmas dinner, which was roast local pork.
The next day we drove to Rhonda, about 50km away, up an incredibly twisty road.  You really have to concentrate as you drive up there.  Autopilot is a good way of killing yourself!  I was completely knackered by the time we got home in the evening!

Rhonda is a mediaeval town built on a rock, with a gorge between the old and new towns, now spanned by the 'new' (18th century, I think) bridge.

We parked in the new town, well away from the old, where it was easy to find a space, then walked the half mile or so to the gorge.  Found lunch in a small restaurant some distance before we reached the gorge, having been tempted in by the kid chops.  I don't often get the chance to eat goat, so had to go in!

And the kid chops were simply delicious.  Tiny, and tasting very similar to lamb.  Jenny had Rabo de Toro, which is ox-tail stew, and equally delicious. All washed down by a glass of decent Rioja.

After lunch we walked to the bridge and I followed a footpath down so I could take this photo, which is one of the classic views.
When we were unpacking on the first afternoon, we'd noticed that a shelf in the wardrobe in the master bedroom looked as though one end had got damp.  It was just contiboard, and the white plastic covering was peeling away from the chipboard underneath.

A couple of days later I leant on it, and it collapsed, so I cleared it all out, and this is what I found.  These are bits of the chipboard, and the reason it looks like chipboard 'foam' is that it's been infested by European termites!  They are sweet little things about 5mm long and had eaten out quite a lot of one end of the shelf.  They're all in the dustbin now, of course!  There's no risk to the property, as that's all built of brick, but we'll need to replace that shelf!

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