Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Christmas has come early this year!

I read in the Guardian that the sorely-missed Monty Don will return to Gardeners' World, though I haven't found anything to say exactly when this joyous event will take place.  Hooray!  We loved Monty and were very sad when he didn't return to GW after recovering from his stroke.

The Beeb have axed the ghastly Toby Buckland, who has been a big put-off for us Clacks, though I know there are folks out there who like him a lot better than Monty.   I'm not surprised he's disappointed, but I'm still glad to see him go.

And sadly, Alys Fowler also got the chop.  I thought she was good and that GW didn't really allow her to blossom, if you'll excuse the pun.

Actually, as I write this, I find myself wondering how much this was all a problem of the scriptwriters, and how much Toby Buckland.  You know how mainstream comedians stop being funny after a couple of series. They spend decades developing their material before being discovered by TV, then use it all in a single series.  The second series is written by scriptwriters, who have fun exploring the new boy's talents, but then there's nothing funny left to say and we stop watching.  I wonder whether the production team decided on the new format for the programme and our dislike, which we targeted at Buckland, was actually the fault of the folks in the background.  Oh well, water, bridge, etc.

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