Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Who's a pretty polychaete then?

I do realise it's probably just the faintest bit weird to think marine worms are cool, but my excuse is that in a previous millennium Jenny used to run a marine biology field course for first year students every other year, and I went along initially to drive the minibus.  As I learned more about the animals, I eventually started giving the talk on marine worms, and I still think they are just wonderful.

So I was delighted today to run across this Ed Yong article on the Not Exactly Rocket Science blog.

The worm in question lives in deep water near the Philippines, where it swims rather above the sea floor,so avoiding bottom trawls, but below the depth at which mid-water trawls tend to take place, so it's new to science, and there seem to be quite a lot of them.

I'm pretty sure (OK, I'm guessing!) the similarity to Anomalocaris is completely coincidental.

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