Friday, 12 November 2010

A very strange meal

Having spent most of yesterday picking interesting looking, but so far unidentified bones out of rock, Jenny and I headed home, aiming for the 18:26 from Cambridge, but discovered, on arriving at the station, that our train had been cancelled owing to earlier damage to the overhead power lines somewhere.

Not wanting to wait half an hour for the next one, we inspected the (extensive!) queue for a taxi, and opted to find a local restaurant for a quick, cheap meal, and catch a later train, so walked back up towards town.  Eventually we decided a Chinese restaurant called Sesame looked hopeful, the menu on display by the door promising something different from what we're used to, so in we went.

Well it certainly was different!  I had duck in a beer sauce, which turned out to be all those bits of duck you normally throw away.  It had been dismembered with a cleaver, so there were lots of small chips of bone, and the actual chunks of animal consisted mostly of the joints, a bit of neck and a piece of backbone, none of it with much meat on.  They'd obviously kept the meaty bits for themselves.  There was a lot of it, and certainly the soup it was in was very tasty, but we weren't impressed by the duck.

Jenny's meal of battered and deep fried strips of lamb was rather better, but even so, I'd bet the meat they started with was breast of lamb, as there wasn't too much meat involved in that either, being mostly fat.  Quite tasty, but unlikely to be healthy!

And then they could not accept a debit card, having had some problem with the equipment.  Fortunately, I had a wallet full of notes, so could cope with that.

For all my whining it was cheap, the staff were cheerful and courteous and there was no unnecessary hanging around, so I've no real cause for complaint.  I don't think we'll be back, however.

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