Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Maintenance at Fowlmere

With all the wind we've been having, it was no surprise to get an email on Monday from Doug, the warden at Fowlmere, about clearing a fallen tree.  I'd been around the reserve about 10 days previously, and found nothing, but then the weather was so foul I didn't get back in at all.

Three of us set to yesterday morning and by lunchtime had got it all sorted out.  Doug wielded the chainsaw and the other two of us hauled away the logs, branches and ivy.  It was a glorious morning and very satisfying to have some hard physical work to do for a couple of hours.

During a break I spotted the bracket fungus on a post driven into the streambed long ago.  Twigs are woven between rows of posts and the space behind backfilled so as to narrow the channel and speed up the flow.  This reduces silting up and makes the stream more suitable for trout and other chalk stream species.

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