Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Giving my neck a break

As it were.  For the past six weeks or so my neck has been giving me gyp, especially early in the morning.  At first I just took paracetamol, then I went to a physiotherapist three times, which seemed to help for a bit, but then it just got worse again.  Last week I took it to the doctor, who sent me for an X-ray and specified some blood tests which will happen this week.  No idea what that might tell him.  Since it's worst around dawn, I figured it might be pillows, so I've been experimenting with those (thicker or thinner than usual), so far to no avail.

So today, after another bad night, I resolved to stop doing anything that might exacerbate the symptoms, which means, amongst other things,  no volunteering at the nature reserve and no fossils work, as that involves peering down a binocular microscope.

But that doesn't mean I can't wander around the reserve looking at things, and today I'm glad I did that, even though it was a bit chilly.

This is a siskin.  I stole the picture off the web, having not given the idea of taking my own photograph a thought.  Pathetic, I know.  The birds were easily close enough for me to have got a half-way decent picture.  Anyway, there were about 10 of them, and very nice it was to see them, too.  And accompanied by 3 long-tailed tits, which are always just so cute!

Later I saw, at some distance, a marsh harrier being mobbed by a single rook.  Sadly, it disappeared from view after a very few seconds, never to re-emerge.

Doug has put a tray of grit out in front of the Reedbed hide in the hope of tempting some bearded tits out of the reeds so folks can see them.  Bearded tits, like many gramnivorous birds, keep some grit in their gizzard to help grind up the seeds they eat, so the idea was they'd pop out of the reeds to top up.  They didn't, at least while I was watching.

After an hour, thoroughly chilled, I came home.

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