Thursday, 25 November 2010

Early retirement is good for me!

This BBC report is not news, but it's good to see confirmation.  I know I've felt better and more relaxed since losing my job in June than I have for ages.  I just love not having to get up to go to work in the mornings!

Unlike some other people, I don't measure my self-worth by the job I do, though that wasn't always the case.  That's not intended as a criticism of those that do; it's just an observation which means I don't feel bad about not having a job. But when Imerge folded in June, I just started doing other things that I like, such as carving, volunteering at the local nature reserve, preparing fossils in Jenny's lab, and so on.  I'm never bored and I never watch daytime TV.

It's lovely.  I recommend you try it, the minute you can afford it.  Unless, of course,  you do measure your self-worth by the job you do, in which case, stick with it!

Actually, when visiting the old Imerge website to ensure the link above would work, I discovered that a couple of weeks ago the old firm was bought out by Prism Sound of Stretham, near Ely, which is fabulous news!  I was heartbroken that such a terrific portfolio of products went down the tubes, so it's wonderful to hear that it's going to be resurrected.  I lifted this quote from the Prism website, and it matches the philosophy we followed at Imerge exactly.

Measured and subjective performance are the highest criteria, followed by flexibility and ease of use. They are not expected to be cheap, but they are expected to do their job in a manner that leaves nothing to chance and nothing to be desired, year after year.

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