Thursday, 14 October 2010

Today on Fowlmere Bird Reserve

Today we were burning reeds at Fowlmere and I tell you, I was completely whacked when I gave up at 3 o'clock.  A guy with an Italian rice-harvesting machine was going around cutting and baling the reeds and we had to first make sure the bales were out of his way the next time he came around and then stack and burn them.  Burning them was quite fun, of course, but there was still lots of stacking to do right up to the end, as Tim, the driver, just wouldn't stop!

The harvester was just about at the limit of its performance, cutting these reeds, and Tim kept having to stop to fix things.  Unjamming a great knot of reeds, re-threading the string that ties the bundles together, and on and on.  But even with the breakdowns, we couldn't keep up!

Towards the end of the day I realised I'd not spent much time looking for birds, but not long after that cast my eyes skywards and was rewarded with a marsh harrier, so that was OK.

When I got home I sank a J2O, then had a cup of tea and finally a long, deep, hot bath.  Ah, bliss!

And tomorrow I have to be up at 5 so I can pick Jenny up from Heathrow.  She's not expecting me, so I have to be there when she walks out of arrivals.  If I miss her, she'll hop on the tube to Kings Cross and I'll have wasted the journey.

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