Friday, 29 October 2010

A little bit of DIY

In the cupboard under our stairs we have a rail across, from which we hang coats on coat hangers, and have never worried about the dead space behind the coats.

Recently, however, I realised that the wine fridge, which currently lurks behind a settee in the living room, would fit neatly into that space, and as said space is unheated, would have to work less hard at keeping the wine cool.

The wine snobs amongst you will know that white wine should be served at around 8 - 10°C.  If, like most of the world, you chill your white wine in a conventional domestic fridge, you'll be serving it at around 5°C, which is why it is relatively tasteless when you take your first glug.  So a year or two back, Jenny bought me a proper Gordon Ramsay wine fridge which holds a dozen bottles. A giant leap for wine snobbery in the Clack household!

The only down side to this is that the fridge itself is rated as having an energy efficiency of G, which is about as inefficient as you can get.  I'm not sure how they are allowed to sell it, and if I was Gordon Ramsay I'd certainly not allow them to associate my name with it!

So we've been looking for somewhere cool and out of the way to put it, and once installed, I'll be getting some decent insulating sheet to wrap around it in an effort to reduce its current size 16 carbon footprint.

Last weekend, the weather being foul, we started making that dead space behind the coats accessible from the hallway, with the result you can see here.  Two sweet little doors made from an old one I was too mean to throw away about 10 years ago. Don't look too closely at the workmanship, as, like many a DIYer, I'm not that good at getting the angles perfect and the gaps precisely parallel.  And the fact that they're not quite the same shade is down to the one on the left showing its original outside, while the one on the right is showing it's original inside, which has faded less.  Well, if it doesn't bother me, it shouldn't bother you!

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