Sunday, 10 October 2010

Good in parts

Well last night's meal was a bit of a mixed bag.  The oxtail stew itself was truly splendid, reflecting an excellent, simple recipe.  The potatoes dauphinoise were less good, proving that crême fraîche is no substitute for cream in this recipe!  The crême fraîche went rather cheesy, like cream cheese, which was not the desired effect at all!  But the desert of warm peach with berries in a Grand Marnier syrup worked well.  I was so full I had to leave the washing up until this morning!

The Montbazillac was delicious, too.  We'd opened it on Wednesday, when it had seemed rather one-dimensional (wine-snob-speak for sweet but rather bland!) but after several days in the fridge, it was richer, fuller and altogether more wonderful!

And then this morning I drew back the curtains to find 17 (yes, seventeen!) collared doves and a great spotted woodpecker in the ex-blue tree!  A splendid way for the day to greet me!

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