Thursday, 21 October 2010

Fowlmere Bird Reserve

Today the warden, Doug,  had to go to Norwich for a meeting, so yesterday another volunteer, Mike, and I went to the reserve where Doug showed us what he wanted done today.

When I got back to the car park I spotted this beautiful euonymus growing in the hedge.

Today Mike had a couple of people with brushcutters, plus another to help rake up, while I took everyone else to the reedbed where last week we cut a mass of reeds. 

One of the things we had to do today, which made it much harder work, was entirely my fault, though I wasn't at all sorry!  Last week, while moving reeds around to clear the way for the man with the rice harvesting machine, I spotted two water voles.  I didn't realise there is no official record of water voles at Fowlmere, or I'd have made the effort to photograph them.

Anyhow, the fact that they were in the reedbed and I had seen them near the reeds stacked in long rows ready to be burned, meant that we had to restack all the reeds so as not to catch voles hiding under the stacked reeds.  Every last one had to be moved!  Well, there were five of us, so although it was a lot of work, we got it done reasonably quickly.

The wind was blowing in the wrong direction for lengthwise burning anyway, so we built big stacks and fired them progressively.  With a stiff breeze blowing, it was quite spectacular, and the stacks burned away much more quickly than last week.  Didn't see any evidence of Rattie, unfortunately.

So I took the opportunity to take some more fire photographs!

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