Friday, 15 October 2010

Extra Brownie Points

Jenny flew back from Pittsburgh overnight, landing at Heathrow shortly after 6 this morning.  When I looked at her flight itinerary, it looked as though she'd be travelling for an awfully long time, so I determined to pick her up from Heathrow instead of letting her catch the train home.  The train is not hard, but it takes quite a while, and she'd be navigating the centre of London  during the rush hour, which is never fun.

I started my preparations last night.  Once I'd recovered from Fowlmere I did a quick shop, to make sure I had everything I'd need.  Then I discovered I was ravenous at 6 pm, so reheated and ate some leftover chicken, broccoli and macaroni bake which I'd made on Monday.  There was rather a lot, and to my surprise I finished it off with no bother.  In fact, I was still rather peckish, so heated up the remains of Wednesday's Indian, which had been destined for today's lunch.  Even then, I wasn't overfull.  Amazing!  I haven't eaten so much in a sitting for years!

After nursing some nice red wine while watching Channel 4' Inside Giants, this one being about the Giant Squid, I went to bed and slept well.  Although I'd set an alarm for 5.45, in fact I woke at 4.30 and decided that would give me time to check the status of Jenny's flight, so while I showered and dressed, I turned the puter on.  And I'm glad I did, because she was expected to land half an hour early.

I was out of the house by 5 and met satisfyingly little traffic, pitching up at Terminal 1 International Arrivals at 6.15, a few minutes after touchdown.

Her progress through the terminal was swift, and the look on her face as she emerged and caught sight of me was worth the effort.

Once we hit the M25 she ferreted in the tote bag I'd brought and poured some coffee, then, as we neared home, she ate the two yoghurts I'd brought for her.  We were home by 8.15 and in a very short order hit the sack.

And we are agreed: it is very nice indeed that she's back!

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