Wednesday, 25 August 2010

What? No dinner? Outrageous!

Yesterday I booked a table for seven at 7.30 in a local Indian and just now was getting ready to enjoy it, when the phone rang. Jenny reported that a car driver had failed to notice her approaching on her motorbike and had pulled out, knocking her off. Fortunately it sounds as though she's not badly hurt, though is on her way to Addenbrooks as we speak anyway.

So I have arranged for the wreckage to be collected, but they won't be there for at least an hour, after which I'll be going to Addenbrooks' A&E to collect Jenny. Unless she's cooked sooner, of course.

By the time we get home it'll be 9.30 earliest and we'll be STARVING and the rest of the dining club will have buggered off home!

I also happen to know there's a bottle of fizz in the fridge with which we can celebrate her surviving the experience!
Well, the reality turned out to be sufficiently different that I thought it worth an update.

After a lot of faffing about I managed to arrange for the bike to be collected, then drove into Cambridge to meet the guy there.  Rather to my surprise, Jenny phoned when I was partway in, telling me she was sitting in a police car waiting at the site for me, not at Addenbrooks at all.  Turns out a paramedic and then the ambulance crew had checked her out and said there was no need for her to visit A&E.

The recovery firm were there when I arrived so as soon as the bike was on the truck, we left, thanking the nice lady policeman very much before doing so.

After stopping briefly at home for Jenny to dump her riding kit and comb her hair, we drove up to the Indian where we found our lovely friends still eating, and were able to regale them with tales of derring do.  Or something like that.  Jenny has bruised her left hip and forearm and done something to her right thumb, but is otherwise OK, if still feeling somewhat shaken.

Today I'm trying to decide whether or not to let the car driver just pay for all the damage himself rather than go through his insurance company.  The car is a Ferrari, so I imagine he's paying through the nose for insurance already, and doesn't want the increased premiums a claim will inevitably produce.  I'm slightly sympathetic, but it would be easy for him to give us the runaround, so I'm prevaricating.

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