Wednesday, 14 July 2010

There is no escape (but at least we can try!)

It’s a case of actual science passing into the realm of myth. What began as an amazing astronomical affair is now an annoying astronomical aftermath. It’s the “Opposition of Mars this coming August 27th.” Perhaps you got the email? Well the situation is like this…
OK, so if you go to the Discover magazine blog post here you can read about this in detail.


The alignment was in August 2003.
Mars WAS spectacular in 2003. It WAS extra bright. It WAS fascinating seeing the bright red planet pass near to the bright red star Antares, thus affirming how this star got its name (Antares means “competitor of Mars”). The continued yearly emails are like getting repeated invitations to the “Astronomical Party of the Year” – one that has come and gone several years ago.

Pass the word; crush the opposition.

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