Monday, 19 July 2010

On a more positive note...

In the bird reserve last Thursday we encountered a drying-up ditch full of sticklebacks. I'd already decided to stock the refurbished pond with sticklebacks and minnows rather than the goldfish I'd had before, on the grounds that the latter hoover up much of the wildlife which would otherwise live in the pond, leaving it rather a wasteland. I still want some fish in there to eat the mosquito larvae, but I'm hoping the sticklebacks and minnows will do that.

So on Friday I rescued something like 25 or 30 sticklebacks and they're currently stored in one of the big green trugs we used for the weed when we emptied the pond. At the end of the week, when the pond has stabilised, most of the chlorine has gone and some plankton has had a chance to establish itself, we'll introduce the little fishies to their new home. Hope they like it.

Not sure what to do about minnows. A local aquatic centre can order them for me, but there's a minimum order of 25 fish if you want to avoid the £20 delivery charge. And the fish are £2.64 each. I'm not sure I'm prepared to pay £66 for the fish, but Jenny might persuade me to do it anyway. We shall see.

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