Monday, 5 July 2010

Edwin Heron, 1923 - 2010

Edwin was the father of our neighbour and drinking buddy Lorna, and we've known him and his wife Betty for about 15 years.

He was a really lovely man, and will be sorely missed. A retired headmaster, intelligent, witty, charming, extremely well-read and an endless source of entertaining anecdotes, he was a delight to be around, and we used to look forward to their visits to Lorna and Richard.

His funeral was last Friday, and Jenny and I wanted to go. We'd originally planned to go on my motorbike, to reduce the number of cars cluttering up their village streets, but in the end opted to go by car as then we'd be able to chat.

Whether this was a bad decision we're unsure. All we do know is that we'd just got onto the A14 westbound at Godmanchester, when the traffic slowed to a stop and we remained trapped there for about an hour. It's possible that on the bike we'd have been able to pick our way past, but I suspect we'd only have made it to the front of the jam.

We saw several police cars, a couple of ambulances, two fire engines and an air ambulance, after which the road was clear and we were free to go on our way.

Not unnaturally, our itinerary had not allowed for an hour's delay, and we misssed Edwin's funeral. This was sad, not just because we wanted to be there at his cremation, but also because people stood up and talked about him, and you get to hear so many interesting snippets that you would otherwise never stumble across. It was very pleasant to meet people we've known through them, some of whom we've not seen for ages, but we were particularly sorry to have missed the service. Oh well.

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