Monday, 14 June 2010

Handel's Messiah

Yesterday we put on a charity concert in the back garden of a house in the village of Standon, about 10 miles south of here. We were a bit apprehensive on a number of counts, but in fact it worked out beautifully.

First, there were only 28 of us, which is a smallish choir for Handel's Messiah. Then, we were singing out of doors, which means no friendly accoustic to support your voices. Small choir, big work, outside. Recipe for disaster. Small orchestra, too; only about 20 of them. Forecast of showers. Oh terrific! Singing outside in the rain while the orchestra scrambles to protect their instruments from the water, which is extremely destructive of violins, cellos, etc.

In the event, we found that the garden sloped steeply up behind the house, terraced into about 5 steps, and amazingly, if you went up to the top you could hear every word. Astonishing. Just like an amphitheatre. I was tempted to publish the photos I took on my phone, but realised that could compromise the privacy of our hosts, so I'm afraid you'll have to do without.

So although there were very few of us, all of the audience could hear us really well, and it was a pretty creditable performance.

And although we and they watched lots of really black clouds gather, and we drove over wet roads on the way home, we experienced only a very few droplets of rain during the performance. Enough to have the orchestra casting worried glances at the clouds, but not enough to actually have them running for cover.

A really great evening.

All supplemented by having Jane drive us home (she loves driving my car!), followed by gently relaxing in front of a wood fire with several glasses of red. Jane stayed for a well-earned glosso, I'm glad to say!

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