Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Bake Jesus Day - July 3rd

This posting gives details of the upcoming Bake Jesus Day which is a protest against Spanish suppression of freedom of speech.

Javier Krahe, a musician from Spain, has been charged with blasphemy simply because of a benign and victimless act of self-indulgence committed over 3 decades ago. Krahe made a satirical home video in 1978, in which he oven-baked a properly seasoned statue of Jesus that he pulled off a crucifix. A few frames from this 54 second video were shown on Spanish TV more recently and the Catholic church went all batshit crazy over it. Now Krahe could end up paying a fine of up to 192,000 euros.

I have set myself a reminder to get cooking that day!


n99 said...

Bake Jesus Day video:


Rob Clack said...
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Rob Clack said...

n99, that is soooo cool! Excellent! I'll make your links active here.