Monday, 3 May 2010

In my garden today

The blue flowers are camassia, a bulb which is slowly spreading in our garden, self-seeding as it goes, which is nice. The orange-tip butterfly posed most obligingly, but sadly the sunshine was too strong for the camera and the butterfly itself is a bit washed out.

The yellow flowers are a wonderful deliciously-scented azalea Azalea luteum, which I first encountered at Sissinghurst about 10 years ago. We have to keep it in a pot as our soil is chalky, and last year we neglected it rather, so it's flowering rather sparsely. Hence the close-up rather than a shot of the whole shrub.

And finally a Clematis alpina which I grew from seed taken from a similar clematis in another part of the garden, also quite a while ago. It's not quite the same blue as its parent and has taken a long time to scramble up into the apple, which is Red Sentinal. It sometimes has a few flowers in the autumn as well. I think I'm going to have to chop it back a bit this year as it's getting a bit heavy for the apple.

On Friday we drove over to the Hereford/Worcestershire border for a silversmithing course with Ian and Sue Buckley at Bringsty Arts Studio.

We stayed, as ever, in the wonderful Talbot Inn at Knightwick, where , as usual, we were made very welcome and extremely well fed and watered.

I struggled with this pendant, though it looks pretty simple, but there were several aspects which gave me trouble. In the end I was very pleased, but it took much longer to make than I'd expected. And I learned several new tricks as I fought my way past the snags.

The chain is 1mm square box chain and the stone is a 5mm diameter bright-cut garnet. The catch is magnetic, which works well but in fact causes a problem in the jewellery drawer as the magnets stick to anything magnetic, including the magnetic catches of other necklaces and pendants!


ziGGi said...

the pendants really rather stunning, didn't know you made such things which is remiss of me because it means you've fallen off the bottom of my reading list - sorry!

Rob Clack said...

Yes, I find the set of blogs I read regularly changes over time, so I'm not hurt that you don't visit too often!

Enjoy the mackerel. No potatoes necessary, though you could probably successfully replace the toast with fried slices of unpeeled spud.