Thursday, 27 May 2010

The demise of the blue tree

When we planted this cedar tree quite a few years ago now, the label said "Grows to 10 feet in 10 years" and we thought that meant it would stay relatively small. Wrong.

It's about 6 or 7 metres tall and is rapidly killing the silver birch next to it. It has to go!

Today the tree surgeons arrived and gave it a severe talking to.

I wanted to retain the basic framework of trunk and main branches to be an unusual, architectural feature in the garden, and by having the men cut off all the foliage, we hoped to achieve just that.

Conifers don't grow again from mature wood, so if you cut off all the green stuff, the tree should die.

Actually, I'm not convinced they've cut off enough, though the boss of the firm that did it assured me it should die in the summer and he'll come back and do it himself if it starts to grow again, so that's OK. It's still more of a mess than I'd hoped, but I may climb up there myself when I get a chance and just give it a bit of a tidy up.

Anyhow, it gives us the opportunity to go shopping, hoorah! I'm thinking in terms of a rambling rector rose or possibly a white clematis montana, but there are any number of rampant climbers we could put up it.

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