Monday, 26 April 2010

Will the earth move?

Brace yourselves for boobquake! A student in Indiana (and I introduce you to Jen McCreight) has decided to test the claims of the ridiculous Iranian cleric, that immodestly dressed women cause earthquakes.

Since the number of earthquakes happening daily is pretty well known, she decided to encourage her fellow women to all dress as immodestly as they feel comfortable with, today, so as to have a coordinated show of immodesty. If the cleric is right, the seismometers should show it.

In her case she's wearing a top that displays some cleavage, a garment she'd normally wear only at night, not during the day.

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Tenon_Saw said...

I love it, but the school web filter will not let me follow the link, so I'll have to wait until I get home.