Sunday, 4 April 2010

Rustic brickwork

This is what we've spent today doing, at the far end of our garden. The corrugated iron shed is Ted's our neighbour at the back, and as you can see, it's not exactly easy on the eye. As it's visible from our bedroom and my dressing room windows, we decided to put up some sort of screening.

However, that would have to be screwed to the wall behind our shed, and that wall was in rather poor shape, the top several courses being held together by gravity.

So today, while Jenny gallantly creosoted the shed, I relaid what looks like a rather small section of wall. In fact, there's a similar length hidden by the shed, and that's the reason it took me so long. There's only about 25cm between the wall and the shed, so squeezing in there to lay bricks was quite awkward. But is done, so that's OK.

The brickwork is what you'd call 'rustic', in that it already consisted of a random mix of different coloured bricks, and when I had to replace bricks, as some had degraded to the point that they just fell apart, I used whatever I had lying around the garden. The top course, for example, is concrete paving blocks.

It's not done to professional standards, but hey, it's a garden wall mostly hidden behind a shed!

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