Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Power really does corrupt!

An interesting study I found via the Discover blog, has shown that those in power really do judge others more harshly than they do themselves, and are more likely to cheat, while the powerless judge themselves more harshly and others less so. No shit, Sherlock!

The one thing that particularly hacked me off during the MPs expenses scandal was the shameful double standards.

When I first started freelancing in the early 1990s, I got nailed by the Inland Revenue as was, for claiming meals and accommodation when I was working away from home for an extended period. What I had taken to be legitimate out-of-pocket expenses were not allowable.

Now we look at what our gallant leaders were (legally!) claiming for : rent or mortgage interest on a local property, food, drink, cleaning expenses, decorating, moats, duck houses, you name it.

Of course, we shouldn't have been surprised; they drew up the rules themselves, so naturally it would be a clear case of the powerful rewarding themselves while hammering the powerless.

And yes, I am bitter, since you ask!

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