Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Please shield the poor, innocent pope!

Our poor, innocent pope is clearly not a man of the world, so has to be shielded from images that might corrupt his whiter-than-white presence.

He's due to visit Malta some time soon, and the mayor of some village near the airport has demanded this wonderful sculpture be removed before the pope lands.

The object... is not the most fitting way in which to greet the Pope, especially by what is considered to be the most Catholic country in the world," Mr Schembri was quoted by the Times of Malta as saying.

Fortunately the Maltese government have no intention of removing the sculpture.
Mr Critien [the artist] said his creation was not a phallic symbol but a modern representation of a symbol dating back to ancient Egypt.

So the pope knows enough to advise that condoms promote AIDS and that it's OK to bugger the choirboys, but not enough to appreciate this stunning piece of art. Oh, do me a favour!

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