Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Do plumbers sit to wee?

We went to a Royston Choral Society rehearsal last night for the first time in ages. They're putting on the Verdi Requiem which is one of our all-time favourite pieces of music, and that was enough of a bribe to get us back there for a few weeks.

The society rehearses in Royston Parish Church, and at half-time I went to the loo, where I found that the toilet seat would not stay upright.

I can't believe it's hard to arrange a toilet bowl, cistern and seat in such a way that you can lift the seat and expect it to stay up, so I'm forced to infer that plumbers don't regard that that particular feature as important, leading to the obvious conclusion that they sit to pee, so never lift the seat anyway.

Wee-urd (sorry!)

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