Sunday, 7 March 2010

Springtime, oh yes indeedie!

Jen's been away in Edinburgh for a few days investigating a project that looks likely to turn very exciting indeed, though will take a lot of work as it's far and away the most all-encompassing topic she's ever worked on, I'd say. Watch this space, but don't hold your breath. She's talking about applying for EU funding next year, so you get the idea of the timescales we're talking about.

Anyhow, yesterday afternoon I picked her up from the station, which meant I'd had to plan last night's meal on my own, and I found a lovely half-leg of mutton in Bury Lane Farm Shop. I casseroled that with haricot beans, onions, tomatoes, an entire bulb of garlic and a goodly splash of white wine. Got it in the oven about 3:15 and we ate it at about 8:30. It really was rather good. Of course, it goes without saying there was enough to feed 6!

But before sitting down to eat, we took a bottle of white out onto the patio. True, we had to put on thick coats, and even so got quite chilled, but it was just wonderful to actually sit on the patio, watching the world, chatting about what we'd been doing while we were apart, and all that cosy stuff you do.

Because although it was pretty damned cold yesterday, the sun shone and there was a distinctly spring-like feel to the place. Sheets of crocuses, snowdrops, iris reticulata, pink cyclamen, winter aconites still hanging in there. Won't be long before we have daffodils and tulips. Hoorah!

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