Monday, 22 March 2010

In which I invent a new dessert

I usually snack on fruit at work, and for the past few weeks that has meant clementines, which have been easy to peel, with few pips and pretty tasty. Last week, however, that first attribute changed to the reverse. After struggling to peel the first one, I gave up and took them home at the weekend. On Saturday evening I make them into a hot dessert.

I peeled my 9 remaining clementines the way you do a pineapple - top and tail it, then slice the peel off lengthways. It's quick and rather wasteful. Then quarter each fruit lengthways and cut away the central core. Then slice each quarter across into about 4 or 5 pieces.

In a pan, put about a glass of dry sherry, a tablespoon or two of brown sugar, a small handful of raisins, half a cinnamon stick and about a cubic inch of fresh ginger, finely chopped. Take half a dozen or so whole cardomom pods and break them up in a mortice and pestle. Discard the dry husks, then roughly crush the seeds. Add those to the pan and heat it all up and get the sugar dissolved.

Then add the clementines to the pan, stir it all up, cover and bring to a boil.

Serve immediately with crême fraiche, discarding the cinnamon stick, of course. The ginger gives it an immediate zing, while the yummy cardamom lurks more subtly in the background.

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