Thursday, 4 March 2010

First Annual NCSE UpChucky Award!

Just read in NewsWise, online mag of the National Center for Science Education in the good ole US of A has instigated a new award, and it's a cracker!

Enter the intelligently designed UpChucky Award, which recognizes supreme achievement in the field of persistently rejecting evolution in the most stomach-turning way imaginable. This crown of cluelessness, this diadem of density, this badge of bullpucky isn't awarded to just any Darwin doubter. The UpChucky is bestowed on that one creationist whose efforts in the preceding year would inspire Darwin (or any rational person) to "drive the porcelain bus".
I love it, just the very idea! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! (wipes away tears) I'm not going to be able to concentrate at all this afternoon!

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