Saturday, 20 March 2010

Curiosity and the Cat

In the room we use as an office, we've got an old 3-drawer desk pedestal, no longer sitting under a desk, but shoved in a corner. We keep sundry stationery in it, odd bits of artist's materials, and a few foreign travel items, like bags of left over foreign currency. Because Jenny gets about a bit, it's often cheaper to just dump the small amount of surplus cash in the drawer than to turn it back into sterling.

Jenny is off to Copenhagen for a few days on Monday, so was ferreting in the drawer just now looking for Danish kroner, of which she found a few. I was doing something on the computer, so not taking too much notice until a few minutes after Jen had left continue packing.

There was a strange, metallic thumping sound, which happened again a few seconds later. I worked out what was going on, though I still can't see how it was possible.

I opened the drawer, and out crept the cat. This drawer is full of old bum bags, bags of travel goodies you used to get given, like eye shades, folding toothbrushes, etc, so there's not much space in there. How the cat managed to creep in without Jenny's noticing I can't imagine, but it is entirely in character!

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