Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Letter from 'Science' to 'the Media'

There is an amusing letter from one Dean Burnett who, on his blog, describes himself as a neuroscientist and comedian, to 'the Media'. There are also letters to Homeopathy and Astrology which I'm saving for later, but I have high hopes.

Here's an exerpt from the Media letter.

Hello. It's me, Science. Hope you're well. You seem a bit angry of late, snapping at people for no real reason. I've heard we all get a bit more right wing as we get older, but seriously, calm down. Try some meditation or yoga or Chamomile tea. And this is me (the personification of the abstract concept of Science, just to clarify) saying that, so you know I must be worried.
Actually, in digging out the hyperlinks to Homeopathy and Astrology, I discovered there are more letters there, including Dear The Pope. Way to go!

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