Sunday, 28 February 2010

Birthday dinner!

Today is my birthday (yay!) and it's pouring with rain (boo!) so I think it'll be indoor activities. I'm working on casting a silver hammerhead shark pendant, which is proving tricky. I'll post a picture when (if) it's done.

Its been a tradition in the Clack household that the birthday celebrant is cooked a decent meal by the other, so last night it was my turn for Jenny to cook for me. Well, that actually is how it mostly is normally, though the celebrant gets to choose whatever (s)he wants.

I wanted:

Thinly-sliced smoked eel on a bed of lettuce with my own vinaigrette dressing.

Roast fore-rib of Aberdeen Angus with roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese and onion gravy.

A delicious raspberry concoction with crème fraîche.

First course accompanied by champagne, second with Warwick Trilogy, which is a South African bordeau blend I've known and loved for at least 15 years.

On this occasion neither of us was feeling all that great. Jenny's had a miserable cold-like thing with aching limbs but had to keep dragging herself to work as she was finishing off her lecture series to second-year students. By the end of the week I'd started showing similar symptoms so we're moping about the place feeling sorry for ourselves. As a result, I helped Jen with the cooking - roast spuds, cheese sauce for the cauli, keeping her glass topped up, etc. All the really arduous bits!

The meat was delicious, but we'd somehow ended up with a rather thin bit, so we separated it from the bone and roasted that on the bed of onion slices, then Jenny grilled the bulk of the meat with the meat thermometer in so as not to overcook it. Then we just hacked it in half and dumped it on the plates. It was completely delicious, but then, AA is.

Ah, now, what shall we have for breakfast?

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