Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Avatar followup

As is so often the case, pretty much our only complaint about Avatar was that the sound level was so high, and we aren't the only ones to think so. Jenny likes to sit and watch the credits roll while listening to the end of the soundtrack, so that was what we were doing at the end of Avatar.

As we did so, the audience was drifting out past us, and we heard several (young!) people comment on why the cinema felt it was necessary to deafen us by having the sound level so high.

Returning home I was pleasantly surprised to find a link on the CineWorld website allowing me to email them with my comment, so I did so.

Today I had a reply stating that a) they set their volume to 5 rather than the 7 the distributor recommends because their customers find 7 too loud, and b) they haven't had any other complaints. (We won't ask how they know that 7 is too loud, if they've had no complaints!)

So if, like me, you find it's too loud, I'd suggest you email them politely but firmly requesting that the sound levels be turned down. If enough of us do that, maybe they'll get the message.

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