Monday, 1 February 2010

A Proven Virgin Birth!

I refer you to this Discover Magazine blog posting, which is well worth the read.

To summarise: 15-year-old girl has oral sex with new boyfriend but immediately afterwards is discovered by former boyfriend. Knife fight ensues during which all participants are injured, none lethally. The girl has double penetrative wounds to her stomach which are quickly and efficiently stitched up by the local A&E.

Nine months later she gives birth to a healthy boy. And you can absolutely guarantee that she got pregnant via the oral sex because she is found to have no external opening to her vagina. She obviously swallowed the semen, which leaked into her abdominal cavity through the knife wounds and the sperm made its way to her fallopian tubes where she must have conveniently just ovulated.

A guaranteed virgin birth but by no means a miracle!

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