Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Slightly good news

This video is of James Randi of JREF fame, talking about the appalling Jim McCormick and the totally hoax ADE651, a dowsing rod masquerading as a device capable of detecting explosives and widely used in Iraq. The Iraqi government has spend $85 million on these completely useless devices! 85 million dollars! And worse than the waste of money is the fact that people are undoubtedly being killed and injured by explosives that have not been detected by the devices.

Although our gallant gummint has banned the export of the devices to Iraq and Afghanistan, (that's the good news) sadly they haven't charged the conman who sells them with fraud. Today they arrested and bailed him, so no doubt he'll do a runner. Well, he's made enough profit just out of Iraq to retire comfortably.

Enjoy the movie clip.

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