Thursday, 28 January 2010

Pretty good chips!

Jenny is out at a posh-frocks Darwin College anniversary dinner and won't be back until late, so I'm treating myself cuisine-wise, as usual.

This is the steak and chips I've just consumed, and I have to say it was a qualified success. The steak is sirloin, cooked according to a recipe I found on the net called Grilled Sirloin, High Plains Drifter Style.

Essentially you coat the steak with a paste made with garlic, marjoram, cumin seed, paprika, whole-grain mustard, olive oil and red wine vinegar. You're supposed to barbecue it, but of course, in January in the UK I was never going to do that, so I just fried it. That didn't really work, as the paste stuck to the pan and just fell off the meat. However, it was not a disaster.

When it was done I set it to one side under foil to rest for 3 or 4 minutes while I dealt with the sauce. Deglaze the pan with a glug of red wine, then whisk in a knob of butter to make a delicious silky sauce. Yum!

The beans didn't work at all. They were green beans from our garden last summer, frozen without blanching as that tends to leave them too soggy when you cook them, but just microwaving with butter was not the way to deal with them. I think if I'd steamed them, they'd have been fine.

The steak was not bad. A bit strong on the paprika side, but nevertheless tender and tasty, and I'll probably save the recipe for the summer when I can burn the meat on the barbie.

And now the chips, Oh Yes! Thickly cut from Maris Pipers, par-boiled for 3 minutes, drained, dried off by leaving them in the same pan over a low light for a few minutes, then fried in duck fat. Oh boy! Crisp and gorgeous they were!

And all accompanied by a magical South African red called Chocolate Block which I continue to sip as I type. Cheers!

Now I'm going to light a fire and fall asleep on the settee in front of it while the Mahler 5 plays itself out. Night night!

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