Friday, 22 January 2010

Of worms and things

I followed a link from Ziggi's blog Testing Testing to find this out. It's just a bit of fun.

When we were away in December, I did actually try to get myself infected with a few hookworms. I know it sounds gross, but there's a reason I tried.

There's some research going on in Nottingham University based on the idea that our immune systems are actually tuned to expect us to be infected with worms, and now that we're not, the immune system goes slightly wild and causes conditions like asthma. That's the thread of their research.

Now I have heard that the same theory might apply to eczema, and as I suffer from mild eczema (I itch almost all the time, sometimes most ferociously), I figured a small population of hookworms might be worth a go.

Somewhere between a dozen and fifteen is said to be symptom-free, but enough to distract the immune system. I did approach the Nottingham researchers, but they didn't want to play. Ecuador seemed promising, but sadly, didn't yield any result.

And I'm the normal one in our family!

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