Saturday, 23 January 2010

Huge computer monitor

The other week when it snowed, I came home at lunchtime, but then felt guilty because I could do no work. The next day I spoke to the systems guy who introduced me to This is a website which allows you to log into your work computer from home, for instance. From work I visited the site and registered, providing the IP address of my work PC, then from home I log into the site and then connect to my work PC. Of course, the work PC has to be left on, which is less green than one would like.

But the key thing is that you can then control the remote PC as if you were sitting in front of it. And this meant I needed to replace my monitor at home. Because I'm technical author at work, I have a rather wide telly, allowing me lots of 'real estate' to lay out the documents I create. Connected from home, the remote PC still thinks it's talking to that same telly, so everything looks rather tiny on the old 17" monitor.

So on Thursday I visited John Lewis online and bought a 21.5" Acer and to my amazement, it was delivered yesterday at work, despite the fact I'd not paid for next day delivery. Impressed!

And the new telly is super-whizzo - I can actually read the text that's currently showing on my telly at work! Well, it would be if I'd left the monitor switched on, which of course, I didn't. And since the systems guy told me about it, I'm going to assume it's secure, though it's hard to see how.

The big benefit is that if I want to run Photoshop or Illustrator or InDesign to work on a document, I don't have to have them installed on my home PC at outrageous expense, I can continue to run them on my PC at work and all that comes to me here at home is the dots that make up the picture I see on my monitor. Clever or what?

Of course, I've not actually had to do any real work yet, so there may be a downside I've not encountered.

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