Sunday, 3 January 2010

A Happy New Year

Well we've had a rather quiet Christmas, with just the two of us, and in fact, we have spent quite a lot of time working on various projects. Jenny had some Royal Society stuff that needed to be done and was quite time-consuming; I wanted to crack on preparing a website with some of my Galapagos photos.

To put that into perspective, I had anything from 75 to 120 photographs for each of the 8 islands we visited, so just reducing that to no more than about 20 per island was a significant task in itself. Then I cast around for some free software to help me make a slideshow for each island, though in the end I stuck with Irfanview, which I at least know how to drive.

If you give Irfanview a set of picture files, it will build you a home page and then a slideshow that allows you to next and previous through the pictures. I then edited the html, adding my own text, hyperlinks, etc. It's not finished and it's not perfect, but it's OK, so I think I'll publish it and the hell with it. It's here.

We have also had a small film fest for our local friends. We've seen Wall-E, Coraline, Slumdog Millionaire, Wild, In Bruges. Yes, there is a preponderance of the shallow, but hey! Not sure what we'll watch tonight, but that'll be it for the year!

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A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Rob and a Happy New Year to you and Jenny. I hope it's a good one for you. Thank you for your recent visit and comments - it's been a tricky time and looks like getting even trickier! I guess we'll survive. M xx