Saturday, 16 January 2010

A Good Gig in Cambridge

We gave a free lunchtime concert in Great St Mary's church in central Cambridge today and I have to say, it really went rather well. Something of a relief, as it was mostly new stuff and we'd only rehearsed it last Sunday afternoon and then this morning before the concert. Never knowingly over-rehearsed!

Mendelssohn Frohlocket
Pärt Bogoroditsye Dyevo
Whitacre Lux Aurumque
Lassus Videntes Stellam Magi
Merulo Tribus Miraculis
Montiverdi Lauda Jerusalem (Vespers 1610)
Dove Seek him that maketh the seven stars
Eccard When to the temple
Then the organist, Michael Cayton, played Edmundson's Toccata on 'Von Himmel Hoch' which was brilliant!
Allain Cana's Guest
Whitacre Sleep
Gershwin They can't take that away from me
Arlen Over the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz
and for an encore we did a setting of the Beach Boy's Barbara Ann

The accoustics in GSM are quite friendly and we really had quite a good time. The Montiverdi was rather tough for me because the middle section has the tenors on top F or thereabouts more or less continuously for quite a while, and I run out of Fs quite quickly! Fortunately there were five of us, so I could get away with it.


DJ Kirkby said...

I'm struggling to pronounce some of the names of the songs so I'm quite impressed that you've managed to sing them in their entirety AND with very little practice.

Rob Clack said...

Pronunciation is often hard for us too, when we first encounter a piece, but we sing in Latin quite a lot, which gives us a head start.