Friday, 15 January 2010

Good and bad from Anglian Windows

These are concrete paving blocks, I bet you already worked out, and the reason I took a photograph of them is that there's a saga to be told!

A few years ago we wanted to have the driveway paved like this and I made the mistake of letting Anglian Windows talk me into having them do it. It was very expensive and I had to get cross with them, but the end result does actually look good and we've had no problems with it. Until we were away in December.

We returned from holiday to find that the drain, who's corner you can see, had become blocked, and the neighbour, who shares said drain, had to call Dyno-Rod. Dyno-Rod hit him for £100 of course.

And what they found blocking the drains, I'm sure you're ahead of me here, was a couple of concrete paving blocks.

So last weekend Andrew finally passed me the bill so I could reimburse him and I immediately wrote to Anglian enclosing a copy of the bill and the photo you see here. Courteous but firm, I was. In summary: "Your man dropped these blocks down the drain and I've had to pay £100 to get them removed. I look forward to receiving your cheque for the full amount at your earliest convenience." I resisted the temptation to suggest that leaving them down there in the first place indicates that the person responsible had about the intelligence of a chimpanzee, but I certainly thought it!

I didn't expect too much of an argument, given the evidence, but I couldn't help remembering having to call Dyno-Rod myself a couple of years ago to clear a drain under our (Anglian) conservatory. I blogged quite extensively about it at the time, you bet! They don't seem too good with drains, Anglian.

Long story short, I was astonished this morning to get a phone call (07:50 for Christ's sake! I was still asleep!) from a man at Anglian who said "You're absolutely right, it's entirely our responsibility, I'll arrange for a cheque for the full amount to be sent to you. Might take two or three weeks, but it will arrive." And gave me his name. Offered his phone number but I don't keep my specs by the bed, so couldn't write it down. However, I did get it from 1471, so if no cheque arrives, I'll know who to call.

So they screwed up once more (the prats!), and then held their hands up and put it right (good lads!).


Tenon_Saw said...

Anglian Windows!!!!!
They came to quote us for double glazing a few years back; £17,000 which I turned down. The guy then said "Let me make a phone call". Result, price dropped to £12,000. No deal. He then said, "I know the branch in XYZ has some spare capacity at the moment, I'll make another phone call" = £9,000. Still not happy, he said he could do it for £6000 if I let him put a sign up outside for a month.
I told him, "I'm not having goods fitted to my house which YOU say cost £17,000 because if that is true you will try to cut corners somewhere so you do not lose out. Bye bye". His final shot was "Well, it wasn't worth me doing the paper work for £6000". We had the job done later by another firm.

Rob Clack said...

What I can't understand is how I knew they were going to charge me a fortune and yet I still went ahead and signed up for the driveway. Fortunately it's long enough ago that the pain has receded!