Saturday, 30 January 2010


Well I guess most of the world has already seen it, judging by the box office take, but if you're hesitating, just get in there and watch it. The plot's predictable, but everything else is simply brilliant! And there are some particularly splendid and innovative life-forms.

So if you're up for it, Jane, I'm happy to see it again!


Pondside said...

Everyone in the family but Yours Truly has seen it and loved it - I'll have to get one of the others to go again.
Loved the cartoon - got it the first time!
The steak and chips - gorgeous. I've never, ever made my own chips. Is it difficult?

Rob Clack said...

Chips: use floury potatoes, not waxy and cut them thick to minimise the fat they absorb. Par-boil for about 3 mins, but keep an eye on them as you don't want them to fall apart as you finish the cooking process.
They need to be dry before they go in the fat. You can use kitchen paper if you prefer, though I just left them drained in the same pan over a low flame - again, watching closely.
When I was ready to fry them, I just added about a quarter to a third of a cup of duck fat to the pan, to fry the portion you see on my plate. It was not all absorbed.
With the heat up high they still took longer than I'd expected, but then I did add cold fat to warm chips, rather than the other way around which would be more normal.
As there was so little fat (we don't have a deep-fat frier) I had to turn the chips several times to get them reasonably evenly browned. I used a plastic spatula which was not quite man enough for the job and now has interesting crinkly edges. Didn't want to use metal as the pan was non-stick, but there was probably a better implement if I'd put my mind to it.
Goose fat is also said to be good. I've tried beef dripping once but found that disappointing.