Sunday, 20 December 2009


So it snowed here on Thursday evening and I decided I was going to have some fun! Do you like my iguana? Well, it did seem most appropriate, given where we've just been.

Just because I'm old, doesn't mean I can't be immature as well!


whitedragon said...

This is the coolest snowmen i have ever seen. I am Crina Cranta, art student from Romania and i just stumbled upon what you are doing and i wonder if i can write an article about your works on my artblog:
because what are you doing is exactly what i think art should be: inspired 100% (or as much as it can be) by the lifeflow inside
i searched for your contact but there was none so i hope you will se this comment..
Best wishes from Romania,
Crina Cranta

Rob Clack said...

Welcome to my blog Crina Cranta and I'm quite happy for you to write about what I do. There's more art at my website. Email is