Saturday, 26 December 2009

A meagre crop of carrots

Well, this was more of an experiment to see what happened than a serious attempt to grow carrots, though I did have in mind pulling them up at Christmas. The thought of my own fresh baby carrots for Christmas dinner was quite appealing, even if it didn't quite work out like that in the end.
I realise, now I'm posting this, that there's no scale on the photo, so you don't really have much idea of how big they are, but I'll reassure you that they're small. Not really a serving for two.

The whole experiment was rather badly done. In the spring and early summer we grew potatoes in 5 old 50-litre compost bags, lifting them around July time and very lovely they were, too. Being able to just dive your hands into the compost and pull out the spuds was lovely, and they were so easy to clean and had no slug damage at all. Wonderful.

But then the bags of used compost just lay around getting in hte way, and some time later (can't remember when, so a great experiment, yes? I think it was after we sang in Gloucester cathedral, so probably September) I took two bags into the greenhouse and sowed one with cos lettuce and one with carrots.

The lettuces were great as we were able to harvest them in November as baby leaves to use in caesar salads, and they were quite delicious and crisp. The carrots are as you see. I pulled about half of them, as the remaining ones were clearly too small to be worth the effort. Next year I'll start them in June or July I think, as soon as the spuds come out.

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