Thursday, 19 November 2009

Quite a good day

Well it's all worked out rather well. The drive down was a breeze with no hold-ups on the M25 so I got to my mum's house at 12. The guys removing the stairlift had been and gone, presumably knowing the keysafe code. (Keysafe is a little metal box screwed to the outside of the house with a numeric keypad into which you punch a code to open it. Inside, we keep a key.) So that was good.

I dismantled the hospital bed and lugged it downstairs, then reassembled it on its little cradle affair. It's designed so that you can join the head and foot with a pair of clever brackets, then slot the base, which comes apart into two parts, vertically onto the brackets. It's neat because the whole thing ends up narrow enough to go through a door, but using the bed's own wheels so it's easy to move about. The PSW from 1970 was very pleased and did not suck his teeth at me even once!

And I've managed to drag the double mattress back upstairs, so all I have to do now is retrieve the rest of the bed from the garage and reassemble that in mum's bedroom. That's really easy as all the pieces are very light, if a bit cumbersome.

Finally, I've laid myself in a decent sirloin steak and a promising-looking bottle of Côte de Beane Villages for the evening. I discovered some frozen oven chips in the freezer, so they'll do. I'll enhance them with a generous helping of melted garlic butter. Yum! The steak will be in a creamy mushroom sauce, using up an ancient pot of double cream I found cowering at the back of the fridge.

So now it's time to tackle the bed, I fancy.

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