Sunday, 1 November 2009

Jenny's Birthday

It's Jenny's birthday on Tuesday, but I'll be in Bristol sorting out some of mum's financial affairs, so we're bringing it forward to today. I'd bought her a few things over the past few months, but truth to tell, they either weren't terribly exciting or were more for us than specifically for her.

When you've lived together for a long time and particularly once the house is paid for (ie ready cash is slightly less of a problem!) it gets harder and harder to actually think of things to buy each other for Christmas and birthdays. We've either already got it, or if we need it, we just go and buy it, or something like that, so I've found Jenny's birthdays and Christmases rather disappointing several times in the past few years.

Perhaps I need to explain that. I find the real pleasure is in the giving, and much less in the receiving. That's why, if I start thinking months ahead and still can't find anything interesting to give her, I find it disappointing.

So that's one reason I'm particularly pleased we've got back into the silversmithing. I was planning to make her a pendant, but changed the design when she said she'd like one with garnets set on it. I'd been planning to use a couple of tiny opals that have been hanging around for years, but thought again when she mentioned garnets.

I remembered we had some 10mm diameter stones, so thought for a bit and came up with a new design to use them, then this weekend went down into the cellar to make it. And to my great relief, it all went smoothly, and I'm pretty pleased with the end result. The only glitch was when I put the catch on the chain before feeding the chain through the pendant, so I had to unsolder that bit and do it again. Well, that was no big deal, I was just cross with myself for making such a silly mistake.

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