Tuesday, 24 November 2009

150th Anniversary of the Origin of Species

Today, 24th November, is the actual anniversary of the first publication of Darwin's On the Origin of Species. Jenny is guest of honour at a museum in Warsaw, Poland, where she's giving a talk and then cutting a ribbon to declare a new exhibition open. She flew out yesterday and will be back tomorrow. I hope it all goes swimmingly and that she takes lots of photo's!

Her talk is about what Darwin didn't know about transitional forms in the fossil record. There were large gaps in the record at the time, and they posed a serious problem to him, but since then, lots and lots of transitional forms have been found, and our understanding of the relationships between the various groups is much enhanced.

Do not be fooled by the creationist/ID folks claims that there are no transitional forms. The level of ignorance required to believe that in the face of the evidence is staggering, to the point where you are torn between thinking them insanely ignorant or simply telling lies. There doesn't seem to be much alternative. Sorry, it just makes me cross!

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